So I’m going to start out by saying that this whole NerdTakeout podcast is a little project thrown together because we wanted an excuse to sit around and talk. We aren’t planning on limiting ourselves to just one particular topic but rather whatever suits our fancy over the entire broad scope of entertainment media.

We don’t have the details or a schedule for how often NerdTakeout will upload to the internets for you to listen to…but when we DO this will definitely be an easy place to find out more.

In our first episode we delve into the dorkish realm of Mass Effect and more specifically it’s new DLC for the Extended Cut.  Download it now so you can enjoy the soothing voices of Josh Carley, Andrew Green, and myself.  TAKE EARTH BACK.

Here’s a link to our podcast page for this episode:

And here’s a link to the YouTube video of the same file:

(we are short one member on this episode so while John-Michael isn’t here he will be joining us in the future.)

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