What up, nerds.  Andrew here.  I just wanted to add a few thoughts on Mass Effect (I know, I know, enough already) that we didn’t really delve in to during the podcast.  SPOILERS!!!!

Though we did mention the three (well four now) endings to ME3, we didn’t really delve into the Control (Blue/Space Jesus) ending.  The epilogue video, though as comforting as it was to hear “Shepard’s” voice again, still haunts me.  Though I didn’t choose this ending in my original play through,  I wonder now if I should have chosen this one.  We did mention, however, that with the Extended Cut (EC) DLC that it is much harder to decipher which ending is a “good” ending because if you look at them a certain way you can see the good in all of them.  But I digress…

Just kidding, let’s keep talking about it.  Sometimes I lie awake at night imagining a universe where Shepard still exists, but as Space Jesus, and has full control over the colossal, evil-squid army (Reapers).  Would he eventually use these for good (initially, yes he does)?  But what if he develops free-thought.  What if he (Shepard Jesus from Space) figures that using the Reapers to destroy one alien life-form to benefit the rest of the universe, would this be the morally correct thing to do?  This is what haunts me.  I’m interested to see where they (Bioware) take this.

ALSO, Neil mentioned that he chose Synthesis, simply because he didn’t want to destroy EDI or the geth, which I completely understand.  Something we didn’t piggyback off of from this is WHY WE EVEN CARE ABOUT THE GETH IN THE FIRST PLACE!  What I’m trying to say is, is if you played the first Mass Effect when it released we are introduced to the Geth for the first time.  Now I want you to really imagine what it was like when you first came across these terrifying, yet very easy to kill, creatures.  It was pretty scary, right?

Now fast-forward to when we are introduced to Legion.  While a very interesting character, and perhaps one of the best of the entire series, by the end of ME2 it was still difficult for me to decide whether I should fully trust Legion or not.  Now skip to Mass Effect 3…hold on let me get my box of kleenex…

…does this unit have a soul?


I thought this character arc, (not just Legion’s, but the Geth as a whole) was the most interesting to me.  We’ve gone from fearing these deadly creatures, to damn near siding with them over those stupid, evil Quarians.  How did we get here?!  I would just like to say bravo, Bioware.  The Geth were handled very well, even to the very end where it was extremely difficult in deciding their fate.  Goosebumps indeed.  Okay that’s what all I wanted to say on Mass Effect.  Moving on.

NEXT PODCAST we plan on talking about the new Spiderman flick.  I think we’re all a bit skeptical with how good this film will be.  I personally would like it to be a good film because I can’t remember the last time there ever being a year in which every comic book movie that came out was good.  This year may be the first time.  I think it will be an interesting take on the friendly neighborhood web-crawler that we all know and love because the writers of this film are going a different route.  For instance, Spiderman now has web canisters on his forearms as opposed to him shooting and regenerating webs from his wrist area.  Also, no Mary-Jane.  I’m fairly certain that there will be more disagreement in the next podcast.  Spidey-swing!!!

ALSO FOR THE NEXT PODCAST we release a Free Downloadable Character.  John-Michael (the man, the myth, the legend) will be joining us.  I can’t tell you how excited I am for this to be happening.  He has got to be one of the funniest human beings/robot hybrids I have ever met, plus he is mega-nerdy and knows a lot about stuff.  You guys are in for a treat, I promise you.

Until next time, NERDS!!!

R.I.P. Legion.