So a space ship named the “Marveller” from planet “Spider” crash lands on Earth. Spider-Man pilots a giant mecha robot named “Leopardon”, wears a magical bracelet, and the alien blood injected into him grants him the ability to crawl on walls. This is what makes watching the Japanese TV show Spider-Man (スパイダーマン) from the late 70’s AMAZING.

“OH BUT IT’S JUST POWER RANGERS!”  No, no, no. Well…actually, yeah. See this show was produced by Toei Company who ALSO happen to later become the producers of what becomes the Power Rangers here in the United States. So it’s all relative. I know it’s cheesy but I really am fascinated by just how off the wall everything is. Spider-Man fighting the Putty Patrol, Spider-Man shooting an uzi, Spider-Man driving the Mach Five…there’s just too many things to list. I love watching someone take a licensed property and just go completely left field with it to places the owners of the license never would.

Really I could go on and on about how absolutely mind-boggling this whole take on Spider-Man is but I think the show speaks for itself.

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