Amidst all the glories and heart-wrenching victories coming out of the XXX 2012 London Olympics, I am drawn more to the fact that Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion.  Yeah.  Snoop Lion.  Here’s the story:

This is not a prank.  This is a real thing.  Apparently he had some sort of spiritual epiphany while in Jamaica, so now he says he is tired of hip-hop and is now making a reggae album titled “Reincarnated”. I know you guys want to hear a reggae version of Gin & Juice.  (Rollin’ down the street, mon.)

I personally think he got a hold of the wrong stuff on his vacation. (If anyone seen a leprechaun say “YEEAHHH!!!”)

The Transformizzle

I’m not sure if I’m shocked more by the fact that he is making a Reggae album than him changing his name.  We all know how booming the Reggae business is doing…*pffft*  But it is Snoop “Dogg” Lion, so it will definitely sell copies (or at least be downloaded for free by a lot of people).

When I heard the phrase “Snoop Lion” for the first time, I thought it was a new OS from Apple.  You know, like if they combined Snow Leopard with Lion?  In fact I think Apple SHOULD make an OSx Snoop Lion, that rolls up a joint for you every time iTunes is playing reggae or something.

Then it also reminded me of The Lion King, which I watched immediately.  I can just see Snoop bending down to his son saying, “Look here, lil Simbizzle.   Everything the light touches is our kingdomizzle.”  Right?  Anyone?..anyone?  Okay a bad joke, I know.

So I guess my point in all of this is that our media is filled with so much garbage (not saying Snoop is garbage, I love his music, but this is NOT news).  Can’t we just get some Olympics coverage instead?  As a matter of fact I’m going to take a hammer to my hand, “Casino” style, for even blogging about this.  I should be talking, instead, about how awesome all of the athletes are doing over there in Jolly-Old-England.  What a world we live in, huh?

Snoop Lion has given me an idea, though.  I wonder if I changed my name to Andrew Duck-Billed Platypus how that would come across to my friends.  If you got to change your name to your spirit animal, what would it be?  Sound off in the comments section.  The best name gets a high-five and ten internet points.