Harley Quinn is an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who manically falls head over heels for Gotham’s own batshit insane Joker and becomes both his part time lover and full time accomplice. And you know what? I unabashedly love her.

I ❤ you.

There’s something tantalizing about diving into the mind of a woman who falls in love with a madman. How did Joker get inside her head? What DOES she see in him? What does it mean to be crazy? I love the way they dance around these questions as they depict her as just completely oblivious to Joker’s sometimes outright abusive yet playful jests in their relationship. Ah, and yes. There’s also that whole Cirque du Soleil thing she has going on. I’m 100% for that.

Get it? *sigh* I’m not, however, a fan of the new rebooted juggalo-esque Harley Quinn.

She might have originated as a neurotic sidekick in Batman: The Animated Series, but since then she’s had her fair share of comic and video games cameos. Though I wonder if the authors who drag out Harley Quinn will ever use her to her true potential. She can be an amusing, energetic, and crafty villain. She doesn’t just have to be a crazed clown loving lackey for the comic book heroes real nemesis. I keep wanting someone to delve into the pathos of what makes her….her. And play that out in a way that’s as faithful, dark, manipulative and twisted as the romance she shares with Joker.

Maybe one day!

Until then, I’m left with rewatching various Batman: The Animated Series episodes with her yelling, “Mr.J! Blah, blah, blah” or listening to her having girl talk with Poison Ivy. And maybe even catching a few panels of her in this ever growing pile of digital comics I’ve now collected. I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’d like more Harley Quinn, okay? Is that bad? Is it?

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All of this Dark Knight talk as of late has caused me to dip deeply into everything Batman. Whether it’s comics, movies, or video games…Batman has left a mark in every imaginable form of entertainment medium. With the internet making all things pretty much at my fingertips, I was at a loss of where to begin. So I figured I’d write about it.

First of all, as I mentioned on our podcast, I’ve sunk some dollars into Comixology’s comicbook app on my iPad/iPhone. While I grew up with eyes glued to Wolverine and Spiderman comics, I rarely so much as glanced at a Batman one. This means I have a lot of catching up to do.

It’s so easy when it’s one button away.

I started out with Batman: No Man’s Land, Batman: Year One, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, The Batman Hush story arc, and the five issues of Batman Black & White. Am I missing anything? I believe the $.99 sale ends tonight, but I keep hearing I should pick up the issues that fall under the Knightfall story arc as well. There’s just such a plethora of storylines that all sound entertaining. Why didn’t I start reading Batman comics sooner? Either way, I can’t recommend enough that  you check out the Comixology app.  It works pretty flawlessly on most Android and all iOS capable devices.


Annnnnd, damn you Netflix. Why don’t you have any of the Batman cartoons for me to watch? I have this craving that your on-every-device Instant Watch queue is suppose to fill.  See, I have fond memories of Batman: The Animated Series.  And somewhat fuzzier but still fond memories of Batman Beyond. I want to revisit these things but that means I might have to resort to picking up the physical copies. The digital download and streaming future has spoiled me. I would like these things at a click of a button. I would like them…now.

The one time I laughed at Robin.

And speaking of digital downloads, I’m rounding up some of my favorite and not so favorite Batman video games that have popped up over the years. I plan to write about them later this week whenever Andrew comes to experience the joy of being the Batman with me. He wants to be my Robin.


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